Established in 1999, Moten Sport ski school has two of the best mountain bases on Vitosha – Aleko region:

- "Aleko" hut (110 beds), 150+ seat restaurant and tea room, ski depot with brand updated equipment (2014-2015 season) for every age and level, changing rooms, Wi-Fi access, Live webcam - across the hut and by the "Stenata/The Wall" ski run

- "Moten" mountain base (12 beds), 50 seat restaurant, and an area for equipping the ski schools.

More than 30 highly qualified ski and snowboard instructors

All courses are in accordance with international standards and training methods. We offer ski and snowboard courses in four levels (classes), individual or group lessons, for enthusiasts aged 4 to over 70.

Eli Dimitrova, one of the most famous women in ski sport in Bulgaria and national ski champion for many years, is the current director at the school. Another famous name at the school is Emil Semov, another long-term national ski competitor and champion.

AlekoMoten ski school is a respected member of the Bulgarian Ski Federation

AlekoMoten is a member of a number of associations such as Bulgarian Tourism Union and Bulgarian Tourism Federation, the Bulgarian Ski Federation, and the Association of Ski Schools in Bulgaria.

Moten’s ski champions

Since 2002, "Moten" club has maintained and trained two teams - in alpine skiin  and snowboarding. Moten's youth  teams for alpine skiing and snowboarding are always among the winners of state tournaments in contests, held by the Bulgarian Ski Federation; for a second year in a roll, they have won the "Hopes" Cup - the Ski Federation's unofficial national tournament for young talents.



Moten Sport - The School of Mountain and Nature 1840 meters above the daily routine We offer specialized kids programs...



"Aleko" Hut (1840m. altitude) is located in the Vitosha mountain, above Sofia, in the base of Cherni Vruh (2 290m). It is the second oldest hut in Bulgaria. It was initially constructed in 1924-1932.


"Moten" Mountain base is located next to "Aleko" hut on Vitosha, on the path leading to the "Vitoshko lale" ski slope, in the pine forest 150 meters to the right. The building, completely renovated in the summer of 2002, has a two-story restaurant for about 50 people, a day bar...